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Homer is a web-based app that analyzes your writing and makes you write better.

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"Homer’s detailed analysis saves me time and helps me write more persuasive documents."
"Homer brings clarity to my business reports and helps my writing stand out."
"Homer’s thorough analysis of your English writing ensures that it’s clear, convincing, dynamic."

Why Homer?

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Write clearly
Homer highlights difficult paragraphs, hard sentences, and complex words so you can easily make your writing clear.
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Spot problems
Homer shows your entire writing structure in one click, making it easy to spot problems in your writing flow.
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Persuade your readers
By enabling you to improve your writing, Homer helps you persuade readers and move them to action.

Write better, think better. Homer is your best writing companion.

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Reading Difficulty Scale
Determine how difficult your text is with just one glance.
Paragraph Analysis
Immediately identify difficult paragraphs to make them more cogent and concise.
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Sentence Analysis
Quickly notice hard sentences to make them simpler and easier.
Word Analysis
Spot and replace difficult words with easier ones to make your writing cogent and simple.
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Comprehensive Stats
Avoid dry prose by visualising your writing rhythm.
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Focus Mode
Write without distractions in focus mode. Toggle to analyze at any time.
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